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Business Name:Annabelle
Age:27 Years
Joined:11th May 2018
Last activity:11th May 2018 21:53
Business Hours:
Cities: Melbourne

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About Annabelle

Leave all your worries and stress behind! I am your ultimate escape: an elegant, classy Melbourne escort who will spoil you rotten. Get lost in my sexy eyes; melt into my arms and explore every toned, lightly tanned, silky-smooth inch. I will help you forget everything -- even your name!

I give a very affectionate and intimate GFE. My sweet, tender touches will put you right at ease; my bubbly personality, wit, and natural sass will entertain you every minute we’re together. But I warn you: I am quite a sex nympho! I can get quite frisky, and you won’t be able to stop me once I get started! Just tell me what you like, and I will do it exactly how you like it. It will better than anything else you’ve ever experienced! You can say that I will blow you away, in more ways than one.

I could tell you more, but don’t you want to find out yourself? I give every one of my lovers a truly breathtaking, unique experience because I go out of my way to connect and satisfy.

Let me show you what it feels like to be swept into waves of pure pleasure. I look forward to hearing from you!

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