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Business Name:lucie bee
Age:38 Years
Joined:11th May 2018
Last activity:11th May 2018 21:53
Business Hours:
Cities: Sydney

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lucie bee37150_3u7a3192.jpg

About lucie bee

I think you and I could have a lot of fun together...

I'm intelligant, open minded and definitely no shrinking violet. A sexual connoisseur...put yourself in my hands and let's push those boundaries, shall we? I relish the opportunity to spice things up in the bedroom. I'm warm, bubbly and friendly. You will feel very much at ease in my company and when we play together ;)

I'm a petite brunette 'Pocket Rocket', fiery and enthusiastic. I want to explore your might find we have a few in common! I have a deep appreciation for kink and fetish...a slow, sensual tie and tease to whet your appetite, perhaps? I promise I don't bite (too hard...!). Don't be shy, with me you can indulge all those little desires you've been hiding away, my ultimate pleasure is in yours...

With a background in erotic massage, I devote myself to creating an atmosphere of sensual bliss - but don't think I won't keep you on your toes ;) I'm a vibrant and witty conversationalist and my interests are varied and diverse. There's no end to what we can talk about, perhaps over dinner or a drink or two...!

Our time together should be relaxed and most importantly fun. I adore dinner dates or longer appointments as I aim to please and build long lasting connections. I travel often and post touring dates regularly. If you can't see your location, don't hesitate to contact me - I could be heading your way soon!

I think that's enough talk, don't you? I look forward to meeting you and guarantee an unforgettable experience...


Lucie xx

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