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Business Name:rene joile
Age:49 Years
Joined:11th May 2018
Last activity:11th May 2018 21:53
Business Hours:
Cities: Melbourne Singapore

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rene joile37158_face-11.jpg

About rene joile

I am a elite first class companion available exclusively for professionals seeking a partner for business and pleasure, anywhere in the world.

I am far from the average lady you will meet by the hour.
I am an eccentric introvert with a wide array of interests.

In Australia, I am an established fitness model. It is not unusual to see me published in women's magazines, playing a small part in an Australian TV mini series, or a national TV commercials.

Internationally, I am a social companion, travelling exclusively to join elite ladies and gentlemen seeking an elegant, alluring and classy companion for travel, business and personal vacations.

It is not unusual to find me at social events such as Aria Awards, socializing with the Ivy League, at International Race meetings, dining at a 3 Star Michelin restaurant, or stepping off a private jet with celebrities and public personalities.

You will find me very sociable when expected, and very private.
I am softly spoken, and very affectionate.

My passport is current, and I am happy to meet you anywhere in the world by exclusive invitation.

I am available to entertain couples and single ladies and gentlemen anywhere in the world by private invitation.
My regular cities include most major Australian cities, Singapore, Macau, London, Abu Dhabi, France, New York and Washington.

I am a genuine non smoker, very light drinker, and do not engage in drug use or illegal activities.

I am very fit and healthy, and maintain regular health checks.

Complete discretion, and privacy is of utmost importance to me.

To protect your privacy from prying eyes in public, and mine, I choose to not display, or offer face photographs.
By remaining private, I can assure you that any public affairs can be had in confidence that your colleagues will not know an arrangement exists.

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