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How to identify fake strippers ads and avoid scams


We're all humans, we all appreciate a little R&R in our lives, so wouldn't it be nice if we could just get our rocks off without having to deal with the various lowlifes of the world?

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the escort, companion, and adult service provider business, scammers and bad citizens are attracted to it. Here at Skipthegames we've seen three main types of problems that people have to deal with:

  • Completely fake ads by posters who are just looking for money
  • Ads where a scammer tries to steal your credit card information
  • Providers who don't look anything like their photos
  • Escort bookings that end with the customer being robbed

#1 Completely fake ads by posters who are just looking for money

These are fake ads that are set up to draw a client in. The goal is to get a deposit for the booking sent to them, after which they cancel at the last minute, or simply fail to show up at the place you where agreed to meet. Usually the ad is priced slightly cheaper than normal with a wide range of services on offer and, of course, the provider is nearly always very good looking. If you use the "Is this photo real?" feature to search for similar photographs by click on the "Is this image real link" link under a photo, you'll almost certainly see the same ad on other sites for totally different cities. This is a major red flag.

A famous example of this type of ad is the "Exotic Christi" or "Sensual Christi" ads which we constantly take down from our site.

2016_11-exotic-christi 2016_11-exotic-christi2 2016_11-exotic-christi3

The ad photos show a 20-25 year old very amateur looking blonde that you'd be ecstatic to take home from a bar.

Sometimes these scammers will have a phone number where a female voice answers (if the provider is female, obviously) in a sultry manner, but most often they will only have an email address. Upon contacting them, the time you are requesting will of course be available, and they only need a small deposit «to make sure you show up as we've had so many cancellations…» After sending the scammer the deposit (they'll be various methods) you're out of luck. Never, ever, pay a deposit. If a provider asks for this, don't let your little brain do the talking, simply say "No, thanks" and go elsewhere.

#2 Ads where a scammer tries to steal your credit card information

Again, similar to the fake deposit ads, these ads use photos of very good looking women (or men). These ads though, do not have any phone contact information. The goal here is for you to email the person who posted the ad, they will typically reply very quickly, saying that they can meet up with you whenever and wherever you want. All you need to do is "verify your identity" — for the safety of the escort, of course! They'll send you a link to a site like,,, or, typically with a link sending you directly to a profile photo. This profile photo will always show your current location as the location of the "escort" in question. These sites will then have you sign up to verify your identity. Some will use age verification as an excuse. Sometimes they will say they won't charge your credit card, other times they may charge your credit card a dollar.

Credit card robbery 1 Credit card robbery 2 Credit card robbery 3

The aim of this scam is to steal your credit card information. Don't be fooled.

Never enter your credit card information as part of a verification process.

#3 Providers who don't look anything like their photos

This, unfortunately, happens somewhat frequently. You see a gorgeous girl in an advertisement, you call her up, she sounds sweet, 30 minutes later she's knocking at your hotel room door, you open the door in your robe all ready to greet her and then boom! Let's just say, this wasn't just a little bit of photoshopping.


NEW: #5 Use the "Email me" button

A single scammer may create many accounts using different email addresses. They don't want to check multiple mailboxes, so they enter their "real", single email address in the body of the ad, inviting you to write to this address. Don't encourage them: ignore the email in the ad and use the "Email me" button.

To recap:

  1. Never send money before meeting a provider
  2. Never "verify" your identity by entering your credit card information
  3. Ask for the provider to send you a photo in advance with them holding up «Hi Sam» on a piece of paper in a mirror.
  4. Going to the provider: Don't take extra cash or your wallet to your meeting, or your car key. Take a quick walk around the hotel room first to make sure no one else is in there, lock the hotel door using the chain or the extra bar to make sure no one can barge in.
  5. Seeing a provider in your room: Only have the cash you need, put the rest of your belongings in a safe or hide them. Make sure the door is locked after letting the provider enter your room.
  6. Paying for services in advance will depend on your relationship with the provider.
  7. Use "Email me" button instead of writing to an email address in the text of a post.

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